Well, I bagged on the Maxima. Really too bad, because it was a beautiful car. There were lots of reaons. I called a couple of insurance companies and all the quotes I got were for at least $120 more than I am paying now for insurance – that cuts into my budget for a new car. Plus I’m really trying to save for a house or condo, and this wasn’t the best way to do it. Finally, I work for an internet company for god’s sake. Who knows when the axe will fall?? I feel pretty secure, but I’d rather have the peace of mind – just in case – than a sweet ride. But let me tell you, it was difficult as all git-out to walk away from it. Damn.

Now – should I buy a big-screen TV? Actually, we need living room furniture first. That way we can be comfortable when I buy the TV. Right? Right.

I just bought the new Wilco CD, entitled “Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.” Of course all the critics are raving about it (since there’s nothing else out there even remotely worth raving about) and saying that Wilco is America’s answer to Radiohead. I’m here to tell you: they’re wrong. The new album is certainly another stop on Wilco’s trip to weird-ville, but it doesn’t hold a candle to what I’ve heard from Radiohead, and I don’t even like Radiohead too much. What this world needs right about now is a band like Twisted Sister – a fun band that doesn’t care. I wish we had more of them around these days.

I still haven’t seen “The Osbornes.” I’m sure I’d love it.