There are lots of times when I shake my head in bewilderment at the advances in the world of medicine. In the last 50 years alone, life expectancy world-wide has advanced at a rate never seen before due to the increasing knowledge, research, vaccines and treatments we have for the litany of maladies that occur to us plainfolk each day.

That is why I find it unbelievable that there is no real medical explanation for the pee shiver. Come on guys, most of you get it. Towards the end of peeing, many of us dudes (83%, according to Wikipedia) get that strange sensation and for just a split second, our whole bodies convulse somewhat uncontrollably. It’s quite the phenomenon, although I can’t say I agree with the person who added the part on Wikipedia about it being euphoric. It’s just a shiver, really. But I’ve always wondered what causes it. I guess I’ll never know.

Perhaps somewhere some enterprising medical school student is working on his or her dissertation now about this very subject.