Random thoughts as I sit in my New York City hotel room on a Sunday night, hoping Mark Prior can get a win against the Cardinals. Fantasy baseball purposes only, of course.

– Can someone shed any light on the situation with putting Tupperware in the dishwasher? Whenever I put the dishes away, everything else is bone-dry, yet the Tupperware always stays wet. Really wet. A lot of times, the Tupperware is full of water. Now, I realize that if I just turned the Tupperware upside down it probably wouldn’t fill with water, but there are other things (bowls, cups, etc) that reside in the dishwasher in the same way and those never fill with water. WTF? When I was kid, the same thing happened in my own house and I always thought it was just a bad dishwasher or whatever. But it happens at my house now, too.

– I’m really glad the NHL is back. If it were business as usual, I probably wouldn’t care so much. I stopped really being interested in the NHL right around the same time they added like 10 teams in the early-to-mid ’90s era. I haven’t really cared since. But the new rule changes might actually improve the product. I was really hoping they would trim the rosters down a few players per team. That (and getting rid of 6-10 teams) would really get me back in the building. But I’m interested to see where it goes. No more ties!

– Abraham Nunez just homered off Mark Prior. What?

– This weekend my wife and I celebrated our first anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since that truly magical weekend we had. We didn’t do anything over the top, really. We simply returned to J’s Restaurant at the Nashoba Valley Winery in Bolton, MA – spectacular food at a place that now holds a spot very near and dear to our hearts. Of all the things we did that weekend, I’m tempted to say that those few hours (wedding/dinner) were my favorite. It was really unforgettable to scan an entire restaurant and see it filled with all these people we’ve both known and loved for so long. It was really a no brainer that we go back there and we’ll probably do it every year. Our decision was proven smart upon the arrival of dessert, when the chef had applied a neat “Happy Anniversary” in chocolate around the edge of the plate. Nice touch.

– Jim Edmonds just homered off of Mark Prior.

– John Mabry just homered off of Mark Prior.

– Mark Grudzalvinvnqvniqik just doubled deep to left-center off of Mark Prior.

– I check the traffic logs for this site from time-to-time and I see quite a few searches for “Jeff Copetas.” Who are you people? I really do wonder sometimes. Is it regular readers who’ve just forgotten what the site URL is? Are they just old acquaintences from high school/college who wonder what will happen if they type my name into a search engine? You know you do it, too. Identify yourselves, dammit! Really. Blow my mind. I beg you.

– Speaking of which, here’s a partial list of other random searches which have driven people to this site:

Anders Parker Photos
Bottle Rockets guitar chords Gravity Fails
kutmasta kurt
I will have you i will find a way and I will have you
limes wire
tin foil in mouth
human league you’re my obsession

– Thought I’d point out that Gummi has been on a roll lately! Her writing is insanely funny.

Stella, a new show on Comedy Central featuring, among others, Michael Ian Black, makes me freaking howl with laughter. This show deserves a much larger audience, but it’s probably just too out there to survive. However, it would go dandy right there next to Arrested Development. Go to the site and watch the clips – this is a killer show (mom, dad – don’t bother).

– Speaking of dad, thanks for the tip on Lewis Black. I had previously only seen him on The Daily Show, where he does a semi-weekly bit that always gave me some chuckles. But I had never heard his comedy outside of that environment until I woke up early one Saturday morning up at my parents house recently and found my dad laughing hysterically at a Lewis Black special on HBO or something. I sat down and it wasn’t long before I felt the comedy goodness. The guy is damn riot. The content is good, but his delivery is the clincher.

Recent audible treats, courtesy of the IPod:

Green on Red – Easy Way Out
Lewis Black – Who’s F**cking Who
Doug Martsch – Woke Up This Morning
Fairport Convention – Mr. Lacey
Lonesome Brothers – You Don’t Have My Number
Jay Farrar – Make It Alright (live)
Jerry Lee Lewis – Money (live)
Led Zeppelin – Boogie With Stu
Aimee Mann – Little Bombs

That new Aimee Mann album is spectacular.