Want to see just how insane the search engine business is? Look at this chart.

Comcast is set to start launching DVR offerings for their cable customers. Look for this technology to go crazy-ass mainstream in the next 1-2 years. TiVO has already laid the foundation for it and it might very well be the better product, but if I can have both my cable box and my DVR in the same device (which will be the case with Comcast), then sign me up. DVR has seen a groundswell, but it’s going to revoloutionize your TV watching experience when this thing really rolls out. TiVO’s response, not unexpected, was to drop their prices for their box down to $99, which is compelling. Still, I’ll wait and take the conveinence.

I finished up my season on EASports MVP Baseball. As the Padres, I made it to the playoffs by winning the NL West with a 93-69 record, then got slaughtered by the Cubs 3 games to 1 in the opening round. The Cubs, backed by Derek Lee’s .455 average, went on to lose only one more game in the entire playoffs and won the whole thing. I’m starting season #2 soon, and I’m still figuring out what team to play with.

We saw The Village last week – very much worth your time and money to see it on the big screen.

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