It’s been a slow week of blogging, I admit. Part of that is because I was on a business trip that had me doing a bit of running around, but it’s mostly because I have little to say. Just one of those patches, I suppose. I never really stop and think about the volume of writing I do here. It’s a fairly significant task to write something almost every day and be employed full time and own a house and maintain real, human relationships. So there’s bound to be times (like now) when I’m rambling. Way it goes. Maybe some of you can leave a comment and give me some ideas on things to write about in the next week. Or ask me my opinion on something. Go ahead. That could be an interesting experiment – you dictate the content to me.

One more thing, by the way: I have a Hotmail email account which I never use and I have never given the email address to one single person or entity. Ever. In the last 3 days, I’ve gotten a deluge of email into it – all spam – and all addressing me as “Harry” and not Jeff. Doesn’t say much about Microsoft’s policing of spam. In fact, it doesn’t say much of anything good about Microsoft. How else would any entity have received my Hotmail address? Shameful.