Two rather amusing stories in the news, both of which fall under the “to each their own” adage:

I think the headline of this story makes me laugh more than the story itself. Seems rather obvious, no? I think headline writers are warped. Any chance they can to use the double entendre is milked to the maximum. As for nudists, hey, do whatever makes you happy, folks. But you can’t disagree that it’s slightly unsanitary. For example, I don’t want to be the next dude into the bowling alley after the nudists have had their party.

The second story is about some kind of meditation/Quaker place of peace that’s having financial difficulty and may have to sell their 3-acre gathering spot. You can’t help but have some sympathy for these folks – all they want is a peaceful respite from the everyday stresses of life and for there to be no wars. And they’re not nude. You feel sympathy for them, that is, until you find out why they are going bankrupt. I could try to explain, but it’s better to just quote the story:

“The reason, Randa said, is more than $350,000 in debt that the Peace Abbey has incurred in the past four years for the cow statue and other expenses. The bronze statue, which is part of a small plaza dedicated to animal rights, is dedicated to a runaway bovine named Emily that escaped a Hopkinton slaughterhouse in 1995 and found refuge at the abbey for eight years. The ensemble, under which Emily is buried, cost $160,000.”

That’s right, they bought a cow statue for $160K. Their hearts are in the right place….but their heads?