Two quick news items worthy of your time today:

Only a few days after I posted my thoughts on sharing TV shows with the touch of a remote button comes this article about a new Tivo feature called “Tivo To Go.” This feature doesn’t exactly give you the option I spoke of, but we’re getting there. Of course, Tivo will be out of business (or acquired) soon enough, for they’re selling a product that is fast becoming nothing more than a cheap add-on (see file: Comcast, Cablevision, etc). Tivo had their chance and completely blew it.

We’re lucky to be able to read Matthew Gilbert’s writing a few times each week. He’s the Boston Globe’s TV critic and has a great writing style – sarcastic enough to make you realize just how ridiculous most TV shows are, but serious enough to understand that some shows really do serve a purpose. His summary of the American Idol audition shows is an interesting read. The Boston Globe needs to start making their articles accessible via RSS feeds. Soon.