I was all excited, because I had been spinning, in my mind, an awesome blog post about Kevin Garnett’s post-game interview on ABC after the Celtics had won the championship. The Celtics win went over with a rather dull thud at this house, but I watched the 2nd half of the game because, hell, if a Boston sports team has a chance to win a championship, I have to watch. I’m glad I did! Not for the utter destruction of the L.A. Lakers, but for this single interview after the game. I must hand it to Mr. Garnett, he doesn’t just stand there and give the stock answers. I think the man very well might be certified bat-shit crazy. The whole thing really had me laughing.

So anyway, I had prepared to post the video, with comments from each bizarre moment, until my friend Leo graciously sent me this link, where a professional writer does all the work for me, and probably with much more amusing flair. Enjoy – you won’t regret seeing this if you want a good laugh today.

Here’s the video, but you should click the link and read the blow-by-blow.