Today’s ridiculous news story comes to us from the great city of New York, a place where your devoted Robot will be most of next week, on business. It seems that this gentleman has some issues. I mean, really. Cell phones are a dime-a-dozen, just get another one, dude. Did he really think it would work when he retrieved it? Even if it did work, would you want your mouth and your head even near it anyway? Eeeeek.

I strongly appluad the Red Sox move to rid themselves of Manny Ramirez. It will, unquestionably, hurt their offense, but that contract is a ten-ton albatross for that team, especially for a guy who’s really a two-tool player. That kind of money, as ridiculous as it is, should be going to a five-tool guy, or two guys who add up to five tools. All that said, this was their year and they blew it. I have reservations now as these players start to age. I have reservations about the offense, full of guys who had career years and most likely will not see similar outputs next season. I have reservations about the pitching staff. It’s going to be a very interesting offseason.

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