Today I will share with you some information about my logs. Heh heh heh. I said “logs.” Not those logs, I mean my traffic logs. For instance, check this out, for whatever reason this site was selected as a search result for the following searches:

– wallpaper glue

– barry manilow oh mandy chords

– photo of stupid man

– michelle branch san francisco

– boxing should be outlawed

– thundering skies of disgraceland

– warren commission pictures

– maynard fine arts theatre

….and my personal favorite: “pictures with grapes in ass”

How is it even possible that my site could come up as a search result for most of these queries? “Thundering skies of disgraceland?” How is that people think they’ll get the answer they need on my site? How is it that search engines detect that my site has the information these people are looking for? Makes me laugh. The only one that makes any sense at all would be “Maynard Fine Arts Theatre” since that’s where I live. Good stuff.

Speaking of search engines, is the backlash starting? Hard to imagine, really, isn’t it? Then again, it would have been hard to imagine any backlash towards Microsoft in, say, 1986.

Song now playing: Bruce Springsteen – “Darlington County” (live)