Time for some capsule music reviews:

Franz Ferdinand is totally rockin’ my world right now. At this point in time, it sits comfortably in my #1 slot for 2004. They sound like the strangest mix between today’s finest indie rock and Duran Duran or something, but it works so good.

Ambulance LTD just came in the mail from a friend and what a nice surprise. It brings me back to around 1991 when I first discovered Pavement’s brilliant “Slanted and Enchanted.” It doesn’t sound like Pavement, it just reminds me of some of the great, inventive left-of-the-dial rock that came out of that era. Highly recommended.

Wilco’s A Ghost Is Born is probably going to take a month or two to get a grip on, much like their previous one. Right off the bat there’s a couple great songs here where Wilco keeps getting further and further away from whence they came. Cue up track 3, called “Spiders (Kidsmoke)” and Kraut your ass off. Anyway, I’ve always had immense respect for bands that explore and don’t just repeat their sound over and over and over.

I’ve been hearing over and over and over from everyone how great To The Five Boroughs is. So far I can’t agree with “great,” but I can agree with “best record since “Check Your Head.” I’m afraid nothing will ever touch “Paul’s Boutique,” though, so every B-Boys album for me will be a disappointment. Special high five to the boys for the line “…so put a quarter in your ass ’cause you played yourself.”

Song now playing: Spoon – “Jonathan Fisk”