Three things today:

1. I found $50 cash on the street this morning when I went out to my car. Score!

2. Start off your morning with a light meal.

3. I’ve been on a CD buying spree lately:

Doug MartschNow You Know – lead singer for Built to Spill puts out a solo album, and it’s really just great. That same voice, and in some cases, the same great sound. In other cases, his songs sound like tributes to the old country and blues greats. Well worth having.

The Flaming LipsYoshimi Battles The Pink Robots – still digesting this one, but it’s much of the same thing they’ve been up to on their last couple of albums, although this one does have guitars. A solid mix of experimental/synth rock and catchy rock guitar songs.

Ryan AdamsDemolition – yawn. I’ve almost given up on Adams. Two straight albums that put me to sleep. It’ll take a miracle to get me to buy another one. I miss Whiskeytown.

Sunday’s Best The Californian – a mix between Built to Spill and Sloan, and that’s saying a lot. One of those deals when you know all the songs by heart after like 3 listens. I hope they stick around, because this album is a great listen and is highly recommended.

Bruce Springsteen The Rising what a great surprise! This album (I’ve listened to the first 10 tracks so far) is really, really strong. The E-Street Band sounds like they always do – tight, perfect and….large.

Spoon KIll The Moonlight this is a young Austin, TX band and I don’t have the foggiest idea how to describe them. A cross between Guided By Voices and British pop-rock? Maybe. Either way, their songs have a way of sticking in your brain randomly – like five hours after you listened you’re sitting on the train, and suddenly you’ve got that Spoon song in your head. Whatever.