Though the article is filled with his usual self-congratulating, Danny Sullivan’s thoughts about search engines and portals is an interesting read. Do distributing banner ads and creating message groups really have anything to do with building a search engine? Maybe, maybe not. But we’re about to find out. It wasn’t too long ago when the Big G was claiming they were 100% focused on search. It’s so strange to see Microsoft sitting almost idle in the crowd here, nodding their heads right-to-left like they were watching a tennis match.

Here’s a good question: who is your dream wedding band? Who, in your mind, would you want to play at your wedding if money were no object? Note: it has to be a band or a person who is currently alive. You cannot mix and match, either – it has to be a real band. For the record, I think Neil Diamond would be amazing to have at my wedding. Another note: Cheap Trick costs somewhere in the $10-12K range. Yes, I know.

Song now playing: Johnny Cash – “Ring Of Fire”