This might be the funniest thing I’ve seen on the web in years. Nevermind the fact that it’s brought to you by Burger King – just go there. Really. Go there right now. The chicken will do whatever you tell it to do. For example, I told the chicken to do push-ups and to jump on one leg – and it did! Trying to think of something that the chicken might not do, I then typed “eat yourself.” The chicken then beagn to eat his own wing. Unreal. Go there and try some stuff out. Hilarious.

Sadly, Christopher Lloyd does not come with the vehicle. But, oh, the attention you would get.

I attended a somewhat large networking/advertising event in Boston’s Quincy Market last night, one of those deals where everyone wears name tags with their name and company on it. It is the first event of its kind that I have attended, simply because the people who attend these are not really involved in the line of work I perform for my employer. I attended because a few of my co-workers were here from out-of-town and I don’t get to see them that often, so I said “the hell with it” and went. Nothing in particular happened with the exception of a conversation I overheard. I was standing at the bar, literally one foot from these two people who were possibly my age or a couple of years younger. They were just going back and forth for a good 3 minutes on how much they hated the company I work for. I mean, it was malicious. The best part is that their assumptions and claims about the company were completely, utterly untrue. It was like they hadn’t looked at the site since 1999. Whatever. I couldn’t help but laugh at how ignorant the whole thing was and that they actually looked right at me a couple of times during their conversation. All they had to do was look down about 12 inches to see my little name tag. I was kind of hoping they would see, in fact.

It’s not the fact that they were bashing us, hell, everyone’s certainly entitled to their opinion, but I was really biting my tongue because I could have slaughtered them with some of the factual innacuracies they were spitting out. A silly situation at a silly event.

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