This is classic! If you see someone you don’t know carrying an almanac in the next couple of days, John Ashcroft now gives you permission to kill that person as soon as possible. Seriously. Don’t wait for them to hit you over the head with the almanac – take matters into your own hands before you are brutally assaulted with a binded, soft covered book by a man most likely over 65 years old. I have officially increased my terror code to red.

Saw Something’s Gotta Give last night, the newest Jack Nicholson film, which also featured Diane Keaton. Both were excellent in the film, which fell a little short in the truly compelling category, but was still good for many laughs and well worth your $9, which is a rarity these days. Some great scenes in the movie.

By the way, I am not sure which is funnier, suspecting someone with an almanac or watching and hearing Michael Jackson say “doo-doo” on 60 Minutes the other night. Still deciding on that one….

Song now playing: The Byrds – “Nashville West”