This has got to be one of the funniest things I’ve read in a long time. I mean, stuffed animals, Wesley Clark, pancakes, “fart dust” old, John Kerry, Carol Brown, voice chips, Howard Dean, Gore, Secwetawy Snuzzles and Dizzle to E-A Nizzle. Hopefully, that’s enough to get you to click that and read the whole thing. It is just plain genius.

This is kind of a cross-blog update. A few months back my friend Dan wrote a small overview about how silly the shaving-razor game is getting. Well, the next step has arrived, and it’s not a fifth blade……how about the newest, pulsating razor? No kidding.

For the first time in my life, they’ve cancelled school in just about every town in Massachusetts due to temperature. That’s right – it’s so cold here that they didn’t want to risk children getting frostbite while waiting at bus stops. Certainly a first.

Finally, they held the the annual bull taming festival in Palamedu, India, today. To win a prize, competitors try to hold onto the bull and run with it for about 164 feet (my question – why not 166? 153?). Anyway, if the bull escapes, the prize goes to the animal’s owner. This picture, snapped just minutes ago, shows me in a good position there on the right side and I’m glad to report that I was only thrown 23 feet, sustaining a minor skull fracture and a mere two broken legs. What a rush.

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