This “do-not-call” list business is getting interesting. There have been so many back-and-forths on this thing that I am getting dizzy. Thankfully, I’ve never been the recipient of many telemarketing calls, just an occasional call from a credit card company or a long-distance thing, but on average I’d say once per month. I hang up on them immeadiately. One time I did buy a subscription to Consumer Reports, though, to benefit Mothers Against Drunk Driving. The thing is, who really knows how much of my money actually goes to MADD? That’s the, uh, maddening part. I never know if any charitable contribution is actually going to the charity. I gave quite a bit of money to the Red Cross for September 11th, but who knows? I think I should receive a specific, itemized list of what my donation was used for. That would be quite interesting, wouldn’t it? For example, maybe my donation paid for a night’s stay at a hospital for one of the victims. Oh well.

Anyway, the “do-not-call” list is a godsend for us, the 690,000,000 people who live in the United States shouldn’t have to receive telephone calls in the privacy of our own homes if we don’t want to. Why should we? And yes, I checked the population number. 690,000,000. I believe I’ve met 1,256 of them.

Now, I would imagine this gentleman had very good reason for doing what he did. I’m sure he just had to watch the season premiere of CSI, right? Of course. Then it’s justified. By the way, I’m starting to get into Alias. Seems like a great little show……

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