Just about every time I mow the lawn, my allergies (especially in spring) rear their ugly head. Lucky for me, my allergies aren’t as bad as they were when I was younger (12-21). It was never totally unbearable. I mean, I never had to get shots or surgery or go on medication or anything, but it was just crappy to have to always be sneezing, wheezing, coughing and blowing my nose. Anyway, I mowed this morning (Monday) and right away I knew my sinuses were going to act up. This time, though, it affected my sense of taste, which is just an inexcusable side effect. At dinner tonight, I asked Steph what she would do if she completely lost her sense of taste forever. Her answer, practical as ever, was “I’d just eat all healthy food.”

Just imagine for a second not ever being able to taste food again. Eating would just be something you do because you have to. As monotonous as it would get, the pleasure of tasting food would just be……gone. Can you imagine it? I can’t. Every time you eat, you’d be reminded what you’re missing. I’m not sure there’s a worse malady that isn’t terminal. I might be really, clinically depressed if that happened to me. Luckily, it’s rare to lose your sense of taste completely, as it’s pretty heavily tied into both your sense of smell and your ears. Interesting.

By the way, many people think Steph lost her sense of taste when she decided to marry me. Hahaaaahahahaaha.

What would you do (or eat) if you lost your sense of taste?