There was this conference in the city today, so I didn’t have to drive to work. What a nice break from the daily commute. I was able to strap on the headphones and just walk and take the subway. Very nice. I listened to The Bottle Rockets “Brand New Year”, which just gets better and better each time I listen to it. I really didn’t like it at first, but now I think it’s just as good as any of their albums. Of course, taking the subway does have it’s disadvantages – smelly people (and there were a few) and you’re at the whim of all the starts and stops, which sometimes makes me feel a little motion sick. The old adage “the grass is always greener on the other side” is so true. In all aspects of life, this statement is true. Except if you’ve been in jail, in which case I suspect it’s not true, unless you’re a hardened criminal who’s used to and cannot live without “the system,” and I know there’s plenty of those types out there. How the hell did I get from taking the subway to bring in jail?

At this conference I was at today, I met the guy who does the The Lycos 50, which is a great pop-culture reference page to see what internet surfers are searching for these days. I’ve been reading this for a couple of years now and I love the list (occasionally have used it for work purposes, too) so it was cool to meet the guy. Turns out he’d been in the music business before, just like me, so we had a good, long conversation about that and bands that we like, etc. Good stuff.

Fantasy baseball is starting soon and I cannot wait. Even though the baseball season ended on November 6th this year, it still feels like it’s been years.