I’ve been doing a healthy amount of bitching lately about all the work traveling I’ve had to do this spring & summer. I’ve literally been on a plane every week for the last six weeks. Anyone who’s done it knows how fast this shit gets old. Whenever I come to San Francisco, though, which is my home for this week, it softens the blow a little bit. It’s probably my favorite city to travel to.

Tonight a few of us Ask.com’ers dined at an rather unbelievable restaurant called The Slanted Door, where the service was outstanding and food was spectacularly fresh and delicious. Sometimes you forget how important a truly great waitstaff can be. Case in point: we ordered too much food – and they actually told us to pare it down. That said, don’t go there without experiencing the Japanese Yellowtail or the Meyer Ranch Shaking Beef (it wasn’t literally shaking).

Beforehand, my boss and I took a quick one hour spin through the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, which is always an intelligently spent $12.50. It wasn’t as great as last year’s Robert Bechtle exhibition (yes, that’s a painting), but the MOMA is always time well spent. Then we sat outside in the sun for a bit and just shot the breeze. Traveling for work isn’t great, but days like today – great weather, beautiful sights – make me realize that a lot of people would kill to be able to come to San Francisco now and then for their job. Give and take, right? Tomorrow it’s off to HQ to see some close friends and co-workers whom I haven’t seen in some time, then it’s off to the A’s-Mariners game with The Fort, featuring tthe marquee pitching matchup of Tim Corcoran vs. “Speedy” Esteban Loaiza. Heck, who cares who’s pitching, it’s a major league ballgame, always love those.

Now, off to bed in one of my faves.

Update: I stand corrected. It’s Jarrod Washburn (SEA) vs. Barry Zito (OAK) tonight.