Tidbits, collected over the last couple of days and scattered about like bread for the birds:

  • Sad to hear George Carlin passed away this weekend. He’d had his battles with drugs and alcohol, but that didn’t dampen his unique humor at all. I always thought of first as a solid “everyman” comic and second as the dude with the filthy mouth in the 1970s.
  • One of my boys bit me this weekend. Right on the shoulder as I was putting him on the changing table.  I jumped a little bit, mostly due to surprise, then I looked at him and gave him a stern “no biting!” His reaction: laughed in my face. Welcome to the next phase, dad.
  • Interesting article here about how there are less children being born worldwide. At first glance, you may think this would benefit our quickly expanding globe, but the article makes you realize it will probably work the other way. BTW, population is growing because people are living longer, not because there’s more babies being born.
  • I had a dream last night that my Uncle Donny, who died at 31 in 1985, came back to us at a family gathering and I was the one who set it all up. Not sure how I found him, but he said the government had hired him for covert operations and spy work and in order for him to do the job, they had to fake his death and give him a new identity.  I remember being both psyched and really pissed at him at the same time and in the back of my mind, was wondering if I had an imposter on my hands. I got him to attend a family gathering, where nobody could even believe what they were seeing, so much so that everyone got mad at me because they thought he was a fake. As it turned out, he was. He had done his homework on the family, but didn’t recognize any of his friends, who were also there. Trying to figure out what all this means.
  • Finally, I normally try to stay away from work and/or our competitors, but yesterday’s Globe ran a pretty interesting article about Google and what they know about you. Makes you stop and think, not just about Google, but about any search engines.