For some strange reason, I am hoping that Roger Clemens finds a way to prove his innocence. With each passing day, however, it appears less and less likely, doesn’t it? For years and years, all we heard about and saw was his insanely rigorous workout program in the off-season, how hard he worked in the gym and what a role model he was for younger players. Broadcasters marveled at his conditioning and how he could still throw a baseball at ungodly speeds in his forties. Now, this.

Barry Bonds is a different story – everyone just knows he’s done it. Clemens was the guy who did it through good old hard work. Or so we thought. Do I feel bad for the guy? Not really. Although I do believe that many are quick to convict him and that the whole “innocent until proven guilty” adage has been unfairly thrown out the window, Clemens public actions keep convincing me that something nefarious is going on. He’s acting like he’s convinced himself that he never did it. We’ll see how it all shakes out, but I’m holding out hope he’s innocent. Something is nagging at me though, which indicates that he’s not. Sad.

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