I will occasionally turn everyday occurences into games. Mostly guessing games. This occurs almost all the time with my wife, who graciously plays along and does so, I would imagine, just to shut me up. Hah! I’d say about every 5-6 months we bring the collection of loose change we’ve amassed to the store and cash it in. Steph brough this into the store this week and before she left I, naturally, turned it into an obvious guessing game of “how much do we have?”

The stakes, as you might imagine, were HUGE. Whoever was furthest away from guessing the right amount had to make the next ice cream run to Erikson’s. My guess was $74.22. Hers was $91.74. I forget the final amount, but I was off by $10 and she was off by $12. I win! I lose just as much as I win, by the way. One of my old favorites is, when we’re laying in bed, to make her guess what time it is on her digital clock. We haven’t done this one for a while, but I enjoyed that game.

Here’s something sort of related, though. Whenever we’re going to paint a room, we’ll take a look at a bunch of paint samples and then compare notes. We won’t tell each other initially which ones we like. I’ll take a look, then she’ll take a look, then we’ll discuss. Just yesterday I told her it was pretty uncanny that we are almost always pretty close in regards to what we like.

Since we’re about to paint a room that will eventually be one of the boys rooms (they sleep in the same room currently), we’re looking at various greens. To be exact, there were 39 different samples of green in the room. As a quick sitenote, if it was me getting the paint samples, there would have been like 3 samples and I would have chosen in four minutes. But Steph is a very thorough, think-through-all-possibilities person, which is good for the marriage.  So there I stood, scanning through 39 different greens and there was one in my mind that I thought was THE color and three others that I would have been fine with.

And what do you know? Steph had the EXACT same four in her head, and the EXACT same single thought about the one color she liked best. That’s something, isn’t it?