I’m sitting here watching the Grammy’s, trying to comprehend two things:

1) How does this show remain on a major network? I actually feel bad for Brad Paisley. They made the mistake of giving us a camera shot from behind, with the crowd all just sitting there like lumps, with 50% of them probably checking their Blackberries and the other 50% drooling, on the verge of passing out. Poor guy. Not really his crowd. And what about the whole Cirque D’Soliel Beatles thing? Did I spell that right? Whatever. That was five minutes I just couldn’t comprehend. Ringo must have been sitting there, just shaking his head. Horrible! As much as I think Alicia Keys can sing, I’m SO tired of her being on all the awards shows. Just go away. Please. The one bright spot: Kanye West. Whatever that song he did with the white sunglasses and ’80s-like special effects was completely kick ass. Even better: when Vince Gill said “I just got an award from a Beatle [Ringo Starr]. Kanye, has that happened to you yet?” Classic! Yet, I still sit here, waiting for Amy Winehouse to save the night.

2) It has now been five consecutive weeks that someone in this house has puked. I keep hearing that the first 1-2 months after you put kids in daycare are like this while the kids “work out” their immune system, but really, this is insane. My poor father-in-law came over for a while last week and two days after that, he got it. Some advice: don’t come here. Until like April. K? Good.

And here’s a third thing: how the HELL does one find a pillow that works? I feel like I’ve purchased pretty much every pillow that’s ever been made and I can’t find one that works for more than two months. Thoughts?