BTW, that is NOT my kid in the picture below. I swiped it off

This is what happens to your brain when you have kids. Last night we were pretty busy, Steph was packing for a trip she’s taking this weekend and I was getting all the kids stuff ready for tomorrow and doing some cleaning. Given that we’re busy and running around, a pizza for take-out was clearly in the works. So we fish out a gift card that some friends had graciously given us and I call and put in the order – mushroom, green pepper and pepperoni. I take card with me and drop it in the front seat and drive the THREE minutes downtown. I promptly forget the card and pay inside, only to be reminded about it, pizza in hand, when I get back to the car. Out loud I exclaim “dumb ass” and I drive home. Steph laughs at me and says “this is what our life has become!” Of course, it’s all good because the kids are adorable. I’m ok with them turning my brain to mush.

Last night’s season finale of The Office was a dandy. I won’t give anything away, but one of the funniest moments of the season is the new HR person thinking that Kevin is mentally challenged. A few classic scenes.

So this will be the first stretch of days that it’s been just me and the kids. Should be interesting, if not exhausting. I kept telling Steph that the kids and I were just going to sit around and drink beer and talk about chicks and that I’d be feeding them nothing but chicken bones, peanuts and salt-water taffy and have them sleep in the garage. Aren’t I a great husband? Gotta keep the sense of humor.