Talk about yer long days – I left my house at 9:30am yesterday for my trip to San Francisco. It was clear and cool in Boston, but nice, clear blue skies. I had a layover in Chicago and during the flight, the pilot comes on and says “Weather in Chicago is partly cloudy, good visibility.” Fifteen minutes before we land, he comes on and says, “It’s snowing in Chicago, very limited visibility.” Wonderful. We made it in, of course, but landing and taking off in snow – not my idea of a good time. Onward to San Francisco! The sun! The warmth! The blue skies! No, no and no. Try rain. A driving rain. A windy, driving rain. Thank god we were in a 767, which is a bull of a plane! Pretty awesome piece of machinery. Anyway, landed in San Fran at 9pm EST. Long day…..

However, I must comment that whoever got Al Pacino to appear in the movie Simone deserves an Academy Award for “Best Snow Job.” I mean, did Pacino even read the script for this pathetic piece of garbage? If he did, did he really say “Oh hell, I’ve GOT to do this one! It’s brilliant!” And if he did read the script, maybe he should get the “Lifetime Achievment Academy Award For Being A Complete Dumb-Ass.” Suffice it to say, you have no need – ever – to rent or see this film. An utter, colossal waste of time.