Stephanie and I were driving somewhere last night and my car hit a pothole. We ended up addressing the issue of potholes for a few minutes, and I went off on my usual ranting and bratty-ness which is fairly common for myself. I said that the state should pay for damaged tires, that it’s not our fault when the road in such shitty condition, blah blah blah. I told her that I have a friend, Leo, who has lost three tires this winter because of potholes – why should he have to pay 3 different times for something completely out of his control? Stephanie’s response was, “well, I don’t know anyone personally who has lost a tire from a potholder.” A potholder! A common slip of the tongue which was pretty hilarious. I will not let her ever forget it. By the way, my car emerged unscathed from said pothole.

So, I went to the Red Sox game on Thursday night. You can check out some excellent pictures of the adventure by clicking here. Normally my attendance at a Red Sox game isn’t earth-shaking news, as I attend my fair share of games during any season, but this one was different because it was 28 degrees outside with 15 MPH winds blowing in. In a word: unbearable. Many of the players commented that it was the coldest conditions they’ve ever played in. I stayed the whole time, though, for a 6-0 Red Sox win. It was so cold, in fact, that I had to warm up my hands on several occasions by any means possible. By the look on this guy’s face next to me, I’ll let you determine where my hands were….I’m on the left, by the way: