I swear I’m getting back to the family thing soon, because there’s an interesting story there that I need to finish. However….

Last night I went to the Bruins game and on the way back I had a conversation with two friends about license plates. You see, the other night I saw a license plate that was personalized and although I’ve already forgotten what it said, I can tell you with great certainty that it was cheesy as hell. It could even be argued that any personalized license plate is a little cheesy, but hey, to each their own. I’d never get one, but if you want one or have one, it’s your thing.

Anyway, the conversation turned to the ridiculous, as it often does with three guys in the car. The subject became “what if you HAD to have a personalized license plate by law? What would you put on it?” As you might imagine, some unprintable ones got thrown out there that had us really laughing. I’ll spare you the details as you might lose what little respect you may already have for me. One guy ended up with “King.” Not bad, because it’s his last name. If it wasn’t his last name, then yikes. The other guy ended up with “SCHWTY.” You can figure that one out on your own, probably. He wanted to add more nouns to it (and you can be sure we recommended a few), but the limit is six characters.

Mine? I really don’t know. The obvious one was “ROBOT.” I think in terms of cheesiness, it’s not terrible. But then again, it makes me seem obsessed with robots given this site, all my email addresses with that word, etc. But I think it would have to be that. I couldn’t use my initials “JC,” because then everyone would think I walk hand-in-hand with Christ.

So, peeps, any takers? Want to volunteer what your license plate would say if you had to do it by law? Should be an interesting thing to see what some of you write.