Some random thoughts:

Pavement might very well be one of the more important bands of the 1990s, in my opinion. With that stellar string of incredible records during those ten years, we might look back on them 20 years down the road the same way a lot of current bands look back on Big Star and The Replacements – and with any luck, we’ll look back on Britney Spears as the Bay City Rollers of the 90s. That might be too cruel a statement for the Bay City Rollers, actually.

I’ve finally amassed all of The Godfather DVD’s via Netflix and I am preparing for a marathon at some point soon. As much of a pop culture junkie as I am, I’ve never seen these movies in their entirety. Naturally, I am more excited than high school kid at a college party

I am at the point of no return with my obsession lately with Theodore Roosevelt. I can’t put down the book, and I am already planning a trip to Sagamore Hill on Long Island next spring or summer. That’s where he lived and more or less ran the country from 1901-1909. It’s such a powerful book that I am trying to incorporate some of his personalities and strategies in the way I live and work.

At one point in my life, I loved the song “Head To Toe” by Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. No lie.

I really wouldn’t mind moving somewhere in the middle of nowhere for a while. Maybe for a year or something. I’m thinking if I had the choice, it would be Missoula, Montana. I’ve been there before and it is beautiful. Very chill. They don’t call it Big Sky country for nothing. Of course, I would need a satellite dish to keep up on the Red Sox.

I saw Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Sommers on the Hollywood Squares the other night. I thought that both of them were dead, to be honest. I think that The Match Game could very well have been the funniest game show ever created. And even though those two were campy, they were still good for a chuckle on that show. On Hollywood Squares, they look, applicably, 25 years older. In fact, they both look like they’re already dead. I’ll never forget The Match Game episode when the host, the great Gene Rayburn, whom I KNOW is dead, meant to say “doesn’t she have nice dimples,” about a new female contestant, but instead it came out “doesn’t she have nice nipples?”