Some musical rumblings:

– For every R.E.M., there’s 20 bands like Green On Red. Sounding somewhere between the Replacements and R.E.M., Green On Red should be every bit as recognized as those two bands are, but they aren’t, because the music business is not about talent. Talent means absolutly, positively nothing. When it’s pouring out of your six pre-set stations in the car, it’s all about who paid to be there and never – ever – think anything different. Anyway, I’m fired up about Green On Red because Rykodisc just re-released their two best albums, “Gas Food Lodging” and “Green On Red,” combined onto one CD. Amazing stuff that portrays some pretty simple topics: love, life on the road as a band…and drinking, kind of like a snotty R.E.M. I would even argue that these albums are just as good as the early R.E.M. stuff – and that is a lofty, lofty compliment. Pick this album up if you can – it’s really great stuff.

– I have to give a shout out to Big Head Todd and The Monsters. It’s very unlike me to be drawn to a band like this, and I can tell you comfortably that buying their records won’t turn your head. But in a live setting, this band is a complete 180 degree difference. Saw them here in Boston a couple of weeks ago and I was really shocked at what a great show they put on. Complemented by a crowd that hung on thier every note, every lyric and every beat, it was a terrific time and a bit awe-inspiring to see such a dedicated, loud crowd that really appreciated the band. Even the band themselves seemed touched by it – and that’s a really emotional moment to be a part of, because I’ve seen too many shows where the band just mails in thier appreciation.

– Finally, a Camper Van Beethoven box set! Whoooo! I missed their show here in Boston when I tried to get tickets after it was sold out. However, the stars and the moon aligned up nicely for me when they announced a show in San Francisco on 2/27. Coincindentally, I will be out there for that week on business. Beautiful stuff, I tell you. Additionally, Pavement’s Steve Malkmus is doing a show the night before. Double Bingo.