Some kids are just brats. Once a month on the weekends, I volunteer at a local school, where myself and several others spend a few hours tutoring some learning-challenged kids who are behind in school. Admittedly, our teaching methods are a little different – we actually spend an entire 45 minute period of time doing nothing but screaming at them, right in their faces. It’s a form of “teaching by utter humiliation and intimidation.” Don’t curse me – it really works! Usually they get the message and do their work, or cry or whatever, but the end result is a better kid. Some kids, however, just don’t get it, like this little evil being below. I hate it when they just laugh in your face like that. Here, you see my co-volunteer William Driskill, attempting to help a developmentally challenged kid, but all she does is laugh, the little witch. Some kids just don’t appreciate what we do.

Okay, I made the whole thing up. So what? Did you know what happens to meat if it hasn’t been sold by the “sell by” date in supermarkets? Well, besides the supermarket re-labeling it, it’s actually used for a couple of purposes, one of them is that it’s rendered into animal foods. But here’s the interesting part: it’s also used as a base product for automobile tires, cosmetics, soaps, candles, detergents and plastic. Almost everything we use daily has meat as a base. Yuck!