Some fun with pictures today. I finally got around to getting a picture of myself with the new “rec specs,” also known as prescription sport goggles, also known as the pair of glasses that make me look like a maniac when combined with an ice hockey helmet.

Perhaps I should get a picture of the specs and the hockey helmet, this one looks a little tame. The goggles seem to work okay, though. It’s unbelieveable how much everything changes when your sight is crystal clear on the ice.

Next up we have a quiz. If you can tell me what this picture is, I will burn you a copy of any CD in my library. Do I have a list of CDs in my library? No. Can you come over and look through them and pick one out? No. But I must have something you’ll like. You’ll never get the answer anyway. So…….wanna play? What is it? By the way, looking at the source code ain’t gonna help you.

Song now playing: Jet – “Rollover DJ”