So, last weekend it was announced that Google bought Blogger. Might not seem like big news right now, but in the large scope of things, it’s a huge move, and a damn good move, too. Google seems to be realizing quickly that within a year, maybe sooner, the quality of search will be the same no matter which search site you use. To an extent, that day has already arrived – Google just got there first and they’re reaping the huge rewards of that. Search is simply a commodity. No businesses makes money off of algorhythm-based search, they make money – and loads of it – from everything that comes with search. Some of it you see, some of it you don’t.

That being said, the opportunities with this acquisition seem endless……people who pay Blogger for their beefed-up versions of the service will now willingly pay their money to the sweetheart of the internet world, knowing that Google will review thier sites regularly and that the service will be stable…..or more stable than before, anyway. And you can bet that Google will, sooner than later, add a tab to their page to search only within Blogs, which will make all the Bloggers ou there really giddy – those bloggers are their hard-core fans anyway – Google could polish a turd and they would buy into it – they’ve done it already, in fact. This will, though, catapult blogging to the masses and more importantly, all the other people who see that Blog option up there will dig the idea of blogs and jump into the fray – and those are the people that Google will profit off of.