So I’m on the plane coming down here to NYC last night and I had nothing to read – no better time to whip out the SkyMall Magazine and see what ridiculous items I might be able to buy if I were a true cheeseball. Now, just imagine you had a digital sign which displayed your house number in your front yard. Seriously. In addition to being the definitive laughingstock of the neighborhood, it seems you would also be more or less inviting thieves into your house. For if you’ve got one of these silly things, then you must have plenty of money to blow on other stuff.


Right, so what’s the point of taking your pets for a walk?

The picture in this one just cracks me up.

There’s too many others to name here. The Skymall, which I once thought was boring, is actually a great way to waste time. Try it out sometime, just in case you need Christmas-light body armor or something.

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