So I’m in the bathroom at work today (we share a bathroom with two other companies) and I’m standing there at the urinal, peeing, and I see that the mailman walks in with a bin of mail. Fair enough. I’m sure even the postal service workers occasionally get the urge to relieve themselves during the course of their treacherous workday. So he looks at me and says “you work for Ask Jeeves, right?” I inform him that yes, I do, work for Ask Jeeves, and he must notice the puzzled look my face. After all, it’s the first conversation I’ve ever had with a mailman in a bathroom about where I work. So he pulls a huge box out of his mail bin and says, “would you mind just bringing this up to the office, then?” He then hands me the box. Incredible!

So check this out – some dude is essentially having a lottery – whoever sleeps with him last is the winner.

And finally, I love this story. In fact, I love all stories about stupid, or incredibly unlucky, criminals, as is the case here. What a bummer. The guy’s just trying to make a living, right?! Hah.