So I was in Cambridge for a dentist appointment on Tuesday and then to pick up Stephanie from work. The dentist appointment was overwith earlier than I had anticipated (darn, huh?) so I headed into Harvard Sqaure to poke around. Yes, there was some cash burning a hole in my pocket. First thing I had to buy was the Stephen Ambrose book “Band of Brothers.” I don’t need to speak about this again and what being exposed to this story has meant to me (see below), I just know that books tend to have far more compelling detail. Since I’m now on a mission of sorts to find out more about Easy Company, it was a no brainer. Not sure where this current obsession will lead, but I got out of the coop as soon as possible after seeing what appeared to be many books featuring first-hand accounts of the war.

Secondly, cementing the notion that I am not all about war lately, I found something that shocked me my core. When I was a kid, I was obsessed with those small, hand-held electronic sports games. You know – the ones with the little red blips? Yeah, the ones whose technological boundries stopped cold at low or high pitched “whistles” to denote scores or misses. I loved those things. I mean, loved them. I had them all – hockey, baseball, football and yes, even basketball, which is the most boring, unexciting sport I can imagine.

So yeah! I’m in Urban Outfitters and I come across these Mattel Football games! Old school, baby! But brand new. I couldn’t resist………I’ve been playing every day!

Oh, one more thing. If you see me anywhere in the area and I am just calmly or angrily breaking things, rest assured I am now proudly licenced to be doing so. Yes, breaking stuff is cool: