So here’s the deal. When I play MVP Baseball 2004, my goal isn’t to dominate the league and win each game and go 162-0. My goal is to play in as real an enviroment as possible, with all the players correctly placed on their current teams – same as “real life.” However, for my second season, I may very well have bitten off more than I can chew. I’ve decided to play as the Detroit Tigers. While this team has made vast improvements this year, they’re still not championship caliber.

My bullpen, through 13 games, has an ERA of 5.33 and it doesn’t seem to be improving. I have the third-worst defense in the majors, with 77 runs against. However, I have the fourth-best offense, which is nice and all that said, I’m surprised I’ve managed a 6-7 record so far, good for 3rd in the weak AL Central. I won’t get overly verbose about this as I’ve probably given it enough time here, but I’m having fun. And it’s my blog. The picture above is Ivan Rodriguez tagging out Coco Crisp at home plate in Cleveland. Cleveland went on to win it, 3-2, on a walk off single by Omar Vizquel. You can enlarge that photo by clicking here. Hurrah.