See this picture? I took this picture last night in front of the nightclub where I saw a fantastic show. More on that in a minute. Anyway, this picture is a very accurate rendition of how I feel right now. This is probably the worst time of year here in Boston – the snow is ugly, it’s still cold out, it’s dirty and everything sucks. Thankfully, it’s starting to stay light outside a little longer, spring training has started (a mental victory for us up here) and we’re hitting the homestretch of winter. Plus I’ll be in California all next week, which will be a nice respite.

Anyway, last night I saw a great double bill – first up were Jay Bennett & Ed Burch – I do not need to go into how great their recent album was, as I’ve waxed poetic about it before. Last night they played an acoustic show and were, as usual, excellent. Edward Burch is just superb to watch. Great singer, great player. After they were done, Tim Easton and his band stepped up to the mic and for the next hour and a half, spit out one of the best shows I’ve seen for quite some time. Reminded me of Crazy Horse in their prime at times. I took some pics, and you can see ’em here.