Unbelieveable. In one of my posts last week, I mentioned that I seemed to be getting a lot of traffic to my site from Google for the query “Scarlett Johansen breast size” or “Scarlett Johansen measurements,” despite never having really mentioned her on my website previously. This was corrected in a comment from Fort Miley, who pointed out that I did, in fact, mention Scarlett briefly when I blogged the Oscars last February, but I certainly made no mention or reference to her breast size or measurements!

So isn’t it funny that since my mention of the actress here on Friday, guess whose site ranks #1 for the queries Scarlett Johansen breast size and Scarlett Johansen measurements on Google? This site! The number one result! Through no fault of my own! All I was doing was simply pointing out that I had never spoken of the subject here on RustedRobot, and suddenly my site is being flooded with traffic from people who want to know more about her measurements! You search engines crack me up. Look at the bright side, I suppose, maybe I’ll get some new readers? And who knows what’ll happen now that I’ve mentioned it again.

Other anecdote: I didn’t say anything to her, but I was secretly thrilled (thrilled, I tell you!) when I heard my wife singing along to Teenage Fanclub’s “What You Do To Me” yesterday. The idea that I’ve made a fan out of even one person is accomplishment enough! I’ve been on a nastyTF bender lately. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll go and buy Songs From Northern Britain or Bandwagonesque, which, may I remind you, beat out Nirvana’s “Nevermind” as the best record of 1991, according to Spin Magazine. If you’re a fan of The Byrds or Big Star, I guarantee you’ll love this band.