Robert Scoble is an employee of Microsoft who also happens to be a frequent blogger. His intentions are not to sing the praises of Microsoft, nor are they one of a disgruntled employee, which is why I like his site so much. While sometimes it’s a little too Channel 9-ish for me, now and then he’ll post his thoughts on what it’s like working for Microsoft and it’s always interesting to read the perspectives of a person who’s there and living it. Microsoft has taken their lumps this century for sure and Scoble is never hesitant to point out his frustrations from time to time. But we should never discount what companies like Microsoft have done to empower and add value to the workplace. It’s also a sociological marvel. Yes, their heavy-handedness and tendencies to “ignore now, unmercifully kill later” can be hard to stomach sometimes (see: the search engine business, 2005) and some of their products clearly have better alternatives. However, many of us are simply creatures of habit and don’t have time or simply aren’t aware of the alternatives. But it could be worse, right? What if they didn’t let him speak his mind?

Michael Moore just launched his weblog.

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