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It looks like a cleverly designed CD, doesn’t it? It’s not. It’s actually part of a set of sweet drink coasters I recently purchased and will use upstairs in my office on my new desk. They’re actually the middle part of old vinyl records, encased in thick laminate. This particular one is The Rascals Greatest Hits; the set also contained Rod Stewart’s “Foot Loose & Fancy Free,” Jonnie Taylor’s “Wall To Wall,” Poco’s “Deliverin’,” Keith Jarrett’s “Koln Concert” and something called “Sing Unto The Lord” by the Garden State Choir Of New Jersey. I didn’t buy them for the artists, I bought them because they look retro-sweet.

I got them at the relatively new Dunia, a recently-opened downtown store here in Maynard which sells enviromentally friendly, recycled, fair-trade and cruelty free stuff. I’ve mentioned this several times before, but it’s so strange to see Maynard transform from what it used to be into something completely different.

By the way, you can find those coasters, among other creations made from old vinyl records, at Vinlyux.