Last week I waxed about my lack of ideas for writing here lately. My idea generator is running low, but it will come back. Typical ebb-and-flow. Anyway, I had asked anyone reading the blog last week to post some recommended topics for a blog post. I got exactly one request and here it is, from Matt:

“I’d like to know of a band, or bands, that have come highly recommended to you or that a friend whose taste you trust has said is/are great that you just can’t get into, or you think is even downright bad.”

This is a pretty easy one for me, and many people often stare at me blankly when I tell them this, but I just can’t get into Elvis Costello. I have many music-crazed friends who can’t figure this one out. I’m a big fan of late-70s Brit music/pub rock – I love Nick Lowe, in fact. Lowe and Costello were true cronies back then, too, always working together on something. Yet, I still cannot find it in me to appreciate Costello’s work. Knowing full well my tastes in music, an old boss of mine made me copies of ALL Costello’s records, convinced that if I listened to the whole body of work, I’d convert. Didn’t happen. Couldn’t deal. One of my very best friends, whose taste nearly mirrors mine, worships Costello. Me? Can’t deal. Don’t know why.

Just the other day, in fact, that best friend I mention was sitting in a car with me at a local ice cream stand and Costello’s “Veronica” had come on the radio – and he freaked out! He cranked up the volume and started singing for word-for-word, professing yet again his love for Costello and telling me what the song was about (Costello’s grandmother, apparantly). I love when people do this, actually. It shows how powerful music can be in our lives. I do it at least daily, in fact. There’s no better way to rid yourself of stress than picking a song you love and just losing yourself in it.

So there we sat, my friend in his glory. All I could think, though, was that “Veronica” is not only one of my least favorite songs by Costello, but it’s one of my least favorite songs. Ever. I still love my friend, though. Just the way it is. I’m sure he’s thought the same thing about songs that I’ve flicked up the volume on.

So there you go. Question addressed, another satisfied reader. By the way, my offer still stands – if you want to post some blog topics and have me write about them, just leave a comment. I’ll do it.