• If I could find a place that had weather every single day of the year like we had yesterday, well, I’d volunteer to be mayor of that town. It was a perfect New England day here, spent at the old farmhouse of some local friends. The occasion? A celebration for two people who are about to go to Ethiopia to rescue/adopt two adorable little children, a brother and sister. They already have three kids of their own as well. How’s that for noble and righteous? Dem’s good beeble, as a certain Austin, TX band might say. They walk the walk.
  • I threw the dice on Saturday night, stayed up late and watched the Red Sox/Indians tilt. Bad move, Jeffro. The Indians put up a 7-spot in the 11th inning and the Sox went down in flames, along with my being alert and awake the following day. So it goes. Up until that point, it was a HELL of a game to watch!
  • Just got tickets for Band of Horses in Providence on November 3rd. I haven’t been this excited about a show in some time. There’s only one word that comes into my head whenever I hear or think about this band: epic.
  • Ever heard of Torticollis? Yeah, me either, until a few weeks ago. We noticed at about week 7 or 8 that our twins were always sleeping with their head one way. Know why? It’s because they couldn’t turn their head the other way. They could go part of the way, but not enough to sleep comfortably. I guess it’s common in twins – the uterus is only so big, so in cases with twins when there’s less room, the babies heads tend to turn to one side and that’s how the neck muscles develop. This is what happened to us and it has caused some minor flatness on each of their heads because they’re always sleeping on one side. The solution? Helmets! Now, I admit when I first heard this I was mortified, thinking that it would be impossible for them to sleep or do much of anything and that we’d get strange stares from people. There’s nothing we can do about the latter, of course, people will think whatever weird things they want, but the kids don’t even notice them! They sleep just fine, they still laugh a lot. It’s like nothing has changed. They’ll need to wear them another 6-8 weeks, but thankfully it’s been pretty seamless, other than the added chores of cleaning them, etc. Exhibit A:

    Nathan in his helmet