Clearing away some cobwebs:

  • It’s funny and it’s not funny that someone royally fuqued up and flew live nuclear weapons over some U.S. states. Can you imagine the conversation in the cockpit? “Holy shit! I just remembered that we have nuclear weapons on our wings! How did I forget that?”
  • I feel for all those people who went out and got IPhones during those first few days they were available. Just two months later, Apple cuts the price by $200! Early adopters are used to this with gadgets, but this one cuts pretty deep, coming just two months after the release. Apple did extend $100 credits to these folks, but not in cash. Oh, no. It’s a credit for the ITunes store, so you can buy more DRM’d music. I guess I’d just use the money to get a new Shuffle or something. Disappointing.
  • Slew of good shows coming in the next 6 weeks: Kings of Leon, Anders Parker, Spoon and The New Pornographers are all coming to the Boston area. September and October is the best time for music, weather, sports and just about everything else. It almost makes living in New England worth it.
  • Oh man. The new Band of Horses album, called “Cease To Begin” comes out October 9th and I don’t think I can wait that long. I’m disappointed, because there were rumors that the album was going to be called “Pastor of Muppets,” which would have been the most genius album title of all time. Regardless, this is one terrific band. They make music that ALL music fans can enjoy easily. If you’re a total music dork like me or just a casual listener, this is one band that can transcend both types of listener. They are an EPIC band. Sub-Pop has leaked one song so far, called “Ghost In My House.” Here it is:

  • Speaking of The New Pornographers, their new album “Challengers” is really getting me good now. I wasn’t sure they could improve on “Twin Cinema,” but it’s hard to compare the two. They’re on a run much like Pavement was in the ’90s. Like pavement, the Porns have managed to maintain their insane catchiness and fun spirit with a bit of a different sound on each album. Neko Case is fantastic on this record. Take a sample of one of my early favorites, “Myriad Harbor.”

  • Amazon also delivered the new Rilo Kiley album, “Under the Blacklight,” to my door and I’m really enjoying it. I had to buy the physical CD, which actually feels weird to me these days. Anyway, this one is much more of a pop/dance record, but it still feels like a rock band. Of course, Jenny Lewis shines. She’s the object of every hip boy’s affection.
  • Some math for you: Fred Thompson in 2008 = Wesley Clark in 2004.