It’s officially oatmeal weather again. I recently discovered a new flavor of apple hitting the New England circuit lately. It’s called honey crisp and man, they are good. Taking this into consideration, I cut one up into small pieces last week and put it into my oatmeal, along with some brown sugar and…..voila! Rock. It was delicious.

I went over to a local coffee/sandwich joint for lunch the other day and I’m standing in line examining the menu when the owner looks at me over the counter and says, “hey, you posted a pictureof our cafe online!” I was kinda freaked out for a minute because I had no idea whatsoever how he knew it was me, but then I remembered that Fickr has little picture ID’s. Funny that he recognized me. That’s the first time anyone has really recognized my “online” life in real person.

Halloween was quite fun this year, of course, given it was the first halloween for our twins. We got them dressed up for about 10 minutes. Here’s Nathan, as a chili pepper:

Nathan, dressed as a chili pepper

….and here’s Zachary, dressed as a pea pod:

Zachary, dressed as a pea pod

Moving date is November 29th. Exciting!

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