A pretty interesting page here, which details the top 50 song parts of all time or something. Not the greatest songs, just the greatest song parts. When I clicked on The Beastie Boys section, I got a certified lump in my throat when it said that “Licenced To Ill” came out nearly 20 years ago. It’s 18 years, to be exact, but that still feels like more than a half a lifetime ago for me. Back in 1987 I saw The Beastie Boys on their first tour – a great show. I still have the ticket stub, it was a $12 ticket and the opening band was Public Enemy, who were right on the cusp. I remember buying a long sleeved, white Beastie Boys shirt that had the crashed plane image from the cover of Licensed To Ill, and it went all the way down the left sleeve. At some point, there was damage to the right sleeve, so I salvadged the shirt by cutting off the sleeves and transforming it into a Beastie Boys tank top. Yikes. Hey, it was ’87. In other great music news, Creed has broken up. If only the other 95% of bands out there would break up, we’d be ok.

Song now playing: Drive-By Truckers – “Decoration Day”