A short, but good read in Time Magazine about what it means to be an average American. At first sniff, being merely average is probably not something we strive for. But when put into perspective, being average really is glass half-full, considering how much the odds are stacked against some people, many of whom don’t have much choice in the game.

So, some stats and how my household compares:

Average Household: 2.6 members
Our household: 4 members

Average Age: 36.6
My Age: 36.5

Average Exercise: just under 20 minutes per day
My Exercise: two hours per week of hockey, plus lifting babies endlessly

Average who believe in god: 90%
My belief: No comment

Bible Owners: 90%
My Bible Owning: 0%

The average American:

Prefers figure skating to NASCAR
I prefer figure skating to NASCAR

Average person lives in the state they were born
I live in the state in which I was born

Spends more money in restaurants than grocery stores
Upon checking Quicken, we spend more money at the grocery store

Average shower time: 10 minutes
My average shower time: 15 minutes

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