Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
Originally uploaded by Jacob Sullivan.

So I’ve been trying to listen to this new Wilco album whenever I have a spare moment, which is rare. But maybe once per day I’ll have a few fleeting moments to sit and scroll through my Apple TV and listen to it. As you know from various postings over the past few years, Wilco often-times drives me a little mad. For example, when they released “Summer Teeth,” I was extremely disappointed, despite the fact that my favorite Wilco song to this day (“How To Fight Loneliness”) is on that album.

It’s been much of the same since. A gem here, a hummable tune there. This latest one, though, “Sky Blue Sky,” has me pretty excited. A lot of people are saying that Wilco has gone back to their country rock sound found on their first two offerings, but I really don’t hear that. What I do hear is a series of mid-tempo songs that show me the band has something left in the tank. It is probably my favorite collection of theirs since 1996’s “Being There.” The luster may wear off with time, but I’m encouraged. Not psyched. Encouraged.

Here’s one of the stronger songs on the album, “What Light,” performed on the David Letterman show a couple of weeks back.