There are times when being a professional baseball player must really suck. I mean, despite that they all make obscene amounts of money, the travel and tediousness of playing 162 games every season must be exhausting. Yes, you get to stay at 5-star palaces and yes, you eat the best of food and yes, you play a game for a living, but just imagine being away from your family 8 out of 12 months. There are indeed worse jobs, but I think any major leaguer past 30 would tell you it can get old quick. Alas, spring training must be a blast – you get to see your buddies again, you don’t have to travel, the weather is nice and everyone except Kansas City and Pittsburgh are drenched with optimism. Oh yeah, it’s also a a great time for a good prank.

I also dig logos of all kind, such as corporate logos, sports logos (one of my faves here) and I especially dig automobile logos. So I was psyched to find a blog post where someone logged the evolution automobile logos. Neat-o. Some of those old ones are killer – they should bring them back.

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