One can only shake their head at Tivo this morning. They announced yesterday an initiative to insert banner-type advertising onto your screen as you fast forward through the TV network commercials. This is wrong on so many levels – look no further than the success of banner ads or pop-up ads on the web. Something like that, delivered via your TV screen, will admittedly be a little less intrusive, but what are their customers going to think?

Tivo started off and had a few years there where I thought there was a possibility they could grow some mindshare and really make a name for themselves, maybe even on par with what Google has done. They took a crzay-great idea and brought it to market and made strides efficiently and quickly. But here’s the dirty little secret: their product degrades your picture quality, makes changing channels painful, adds an extra component to your system and now will pop up advertisements. Does this sound like a consumer-centric company now? Uh, no. It’s too bad, too, because I often cheer and support small companies that have the ability and potential to fly around behemoth’s heads like little gnats. Tivo might still have a shot, but with each passing press release, my doubts continue to grow.

Whoa! I had no idea that Ol’ Dirty Bastard died. I honestly don’t know much of his music, but I know whenever I saw the dude on TV, he cracked me up.

In my travels on the web, I came across this beautiful nugget:

“In September, a Roanoke (Va.) Times story documented the righteous complaint of Melissa Williamson, 35, that street construction noise outside her home in southeast Roanoke, especially by jackhammers, would have a harmful effect on her unborn child, then two months from term. The published Times story ignited a firestorm of reader mail because it was accompanied by a candid photo of Williamson in her front yard, looking annoyed at the construction mess, but puffing away on a cigarette. [Roanoke Times, 9-27-04]”

So there you go. By the way, did you ever notice that there was an arrow included in the FedEx logo.

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